Adults, Exams (FCE, PTE), Digital & Primary 
  • Exam preparation apps (PTE General, FCE)

  • Pronunciation app 

  • PTE Academic Item writing

  • Teacher's Books

  • Grammar and vocabulary references

  • Photocopiable activities and accompanying teacher's notes

  • Primary endmatter games & resources

  • Video script writing - PTE-A & Secondary 

  • Webinars, Teacher Training sessions & blogs  

Adults & Teens
  • Student's Book 2nd Edition of a multi-level secondary course with accompanying teacher's notes 

  • A2, B1+ & B2+ Teachers Books

  • Digital unit tests (Avallain)

  • 21st Century Skills pages 

  • Grammar and vocabulary references 

  • Mediation activities 

  • KEY for schools item writing 

Adults & Teens
  • New 'Social club' workshop pilot with student lesson materials and accompanying teacher's notes 

Adults & Teens
  • Efekta 5th Edition B1 Student's Book with accompanying Teacher's notes

  • 10 CAE Use of English practice testsBuy here. 

  • Teacher's Resource Book B2-C1: Work It Out with Phrasal Verbs - Buy here.

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